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I’m sorry I didn’t go into full detail about the belt part. I only said that to point out why it’s so easy for me to lie sometimes. Each time I lied to my mom when I was younger (between 7-12 years old I believe), she would whoop me with a belt because she HATES getting lied to. She doesn’t do it anymore. I haven’t been whooped since I was 11 or 12 years old honestly.
I was only saying that those experiences I had as a kid (getting whooped) are what make me as self-aware & mature as I am now. Although, those same experiences are what also make me so afraid of taking risks or making mistakes now at 19 years old.
BUT those experiences still affect me to this day. I’m my own worst enemy because of it. I’ve missed class for no legitimate reason & sometimes I just disengage from school for a while because it becomes exhausting to manage for so long, along with my ADHD. I just feel like I need a break from it every so often but I’ll fall behind if I stop working at it.
Thanks for the advice I truly appreciate it!