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This is tough for me, because my parents raised me to always be honest to everyone (ESPECIALLY THEM) & since it’s my first post here. I’m Kendall & I’m 19 years old now & in my second year of college. So I can’t afford to lie to anyone about anything. Even more than that though, it truly discourages me when I lie to someone because, to them, that means I don’t have enough respect for them to just be honest. The scary part is, it’s gotten easier for me to lie because I’ve done it so many times. I just feel so uncomfortable & alone when I lie because I know that it’s not the right thing to do. However, coming out with the truth about my mistakes always sounds worse in my head because the last thing I want is for my parents to be disappointed in me (plus my mom would get the belt on me either way I choose), given everything that they’ve done for me to be here. It’s gotten to the point now where my mom can’t even trust me anymore because I’ve lied so much. So, haven’t been feeling too well as of late, given my personal disappointment & loneliness from ADHD & school. I actually posted here to see if other people would understand my inner struggles & connect with other people who struggle with ADHD for myself, since my family can only do but so much.