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A Tastier Fish Oil Solution

“I read that fish oil may help curb ADHD symptoms, and I’d like to give it to my son. The problem is that he can’t swallow capsules. Is there another option?”

Fish oil capsules in wooden spoon are good for people with ADHD
Fish oil capsules in wooden spoon are good for people with ADHD

Several companies, (including, now offer flavored fish oil that can be poured into drinks or shakes, which means no capsules to deal with.

The studies I’ve been involved with show that one-half to one gram per day seems to be the right dosage for most children. Just make sure that the oil you purchase contains a roughly 4:1 ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids. If your son tends to leave his drinks unfinished, you may want to add the full gram.

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  1. In our family 9 children surviving. 2weeks beyond birth and more than a few including myself ADHD.i am the only one that was diagnosed but not until age 70. Breakfast was the meal we all had to take Cod liver oil and then later A pill form of it unless it was a vitamin D SUPPLEMENT i have no knowledge of why they were taken. BUT my mother knew what dietary needs to include. She had 12 live births among us 8 surviving to asdult hood. She passed away at97 whileher aunt who was still alive. Apperently it was a contest lived to 112 mame Smith near ottawa where they were both born.
    Mom supplemented her diet with Walnuts as well. Brussell Sprouts and Beets tunips parsnips Radishes in season . She canned copious amounts of peaches pears apricots prunes, and bought apples in Bushel baskets. Both Dills and fresh cucumbers,tomatoes cabbage , onions, Beans both green and yellow.. my oldest sister did not make use of doctors treatment and only survived to 89 my brother is still alive at ninety .although he lost his leg 3 years ago he still drives to Georgian Bay on lake Huron to his camp 300 miles away in the summer. After 9 knee surgeries. his scooter is able to get him around and recently was used to tow his tractor half a mile to home.
    Many of my mothers and dads family lived into their late 90s and 100s. Based on the sweet tooth measurement she had it more than any of us, but we all had that craving, and some were also explosive temperment, and at the same time i was told they were very focused. 3 of us became entreprenures after my dad spent working 48 years on the railway.on the CPRaiway
    None were as forgetful nor as late as i was.
    I suspect even today this major assortment of grown vegetables supplementedwith omega threes would be successful

    Although i stopped taking Vitamin D cod liver oil when i was 6 or 7 By then it haid been added. To Milk.
    We diid not know of the benefits. Of Omega 3s

  2. Horizon Organics milk and Fair Life milk products now have DHA Omega 3. I have purchased many times and I have noticed , only twice so far, the positive effect on behavior with special needs children. The DHA is derived from the Algae oil, the source of the Omega 3.

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