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Tackle One Thing Today with an ADHD Coach

Adults with ADHD may need some external accountability and encouragement. These ADHD coaches can help you stay productive and reach your goals.

Find an ADHD coach who can help you tackle one thing today (and tomorrow and the next day…) as you face the New Year.

Laurie Dupar, PMHNP, RN, PCCADHD Life Coach
Laurie Dupar, PMHNP, RN, PCC: Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner specializing in mentoring coaches and coaching ADHD clients • Understand your brain • Navigate the treatment maze • Create effective strategies • Manage overwhelm • Get things done.

Linda Roggli, PCCADDiva Network for ADHD Women
Linda Roggli, PCC: Women with ADHD who are 40-and-better, at menopause or post menopausal, are my specialty. Coaching Spa (small group coaching); private coaching plus Get Organized 4-week program and ADHD women’s retreats. Join me!

Allison Mueller, MABig River Coaching, LLC
Allison Mueller, MA: I help professionals and creative entrepreneurs create daily/weekly routines, build new habits, and develop a mindset and strategies that help them deliver top notch work and live a more satisfying and productive life!

Victoria Roche, PCCCenter For Living Well with ADHD, LLC
Victoria Roche, PCC: ADHD and Mindfulness Coach, specializes in helping clients understand ADHD and its impact using strengths-based approaches and mindfulness techniques. Serving young adults 18-25 and older adult clients, guiding them to self-awareness, through life transitions, management of depression and loss, and making wise choices for success.

Linda Anderson, MA, MCCGetting Clear Coaching
Linda Anderson, MA, MCC: Master Certified Coach specializing in ADHD. Learn how to work with your strengths to transform challenges into accomplishments. Discover tried & true tools and strategies to manage everyday tasks at work and in life. Transform that negative inner critic into a supportive inner voice and experience joy and gratification.

Marjorie Johnson, LCSW, PCCExecutive & Career Coaching
Marjorie Johnson, LCSW, PCC: Master strategies to work and lead with focus, confidence, and emotional intelligence! I help CEOs, managers, and professionals to communicate effectively for more success and less stress!

Cena Block, MS, COC, CPCSane Spaces – Coach & Productivity Consultant
Cena Block, MS, COC, CPC: Flush with ideas, entrepreneurs, professionals, and high performers with ADHD still struggle with the small stuff. Learn to pause and pivot, make strengths-based choices, and avoid blind spots. Consistently succeed without burning out.

Susan Lasky, MA, BCC, SCAC, CCSTProductivity & ADHD Solutions
Susan Lasky, MA, BCC, SCAC, CCST: Master ADHD Strategist, Productivity/EF Coach, Professional Organizer, Business Consultant and ADDult, helping overworked, overwhelmed or disorganized adults to take control of their time, career, priorities, paperwork, space, and stuff!

Lisa Kaufman, LCSW, CASACMindFuel Counseling
Lisa Kaufman, LCSW, CALC, CASAC: As a therapist and a certified ADHD Life Coach, Lisa helps adults, young professionals, and aspiring entrepreneurs build the necessary skills to conquer the common practical and emotional challenges that are unique to ADHDers.

Brooke Schnittman, MA, BCC, ACCADHD & Executive Function Coach
Brooke Schnittman, MA, BCC, ACC: Failed therapy? Failed relationships? Try Brooke’s signature 3C Activation Process, which has helped hundreds of adults lead empowered lives, careers, & relationships! “Thank you, Brooke, for changing my life.” –Mark T., NYU graduate

David Rickabaugh, MScCoachPsychLeading with ADHD
David Rickabaugh, MScCoachPsych: My singular purpose is to help leaders and professionals with ADHD identify and leverage their unique superpowers – and manage their challenges – so that they can achieve the personal satisfaction and professional success they desire.

Liz Brown, PCC, CACPBe Well Life Coaching
Liz Brown PCC, PCAC: • Personalized ADHD coaching • Strength-based whole-person approach • Create strategies and structure for desired results • Check-ins between sessions included.


Bonnie Mincu, M.A., MBA, SCACThrive with ADHD
Bonnie Mincu, M.A., MBA, SCAC: Learn breakthrough strategies for time management, overwhelm, getting started, and dealing with shame. Design your ideal work process while navigating your career. 21 years of experience with ADHD & Business Coaching.

Nancy A. Ratey, Ed.M., MCC, BCCStrategic Life Coaching
Nancy A. Ratey, Ed.M., MCC, BCC: A master certified coach specializing in coaching professionals with ADHD, and helping clients consistently meet goals. Internationally recognized authority on ADHD and professional coaching. Author of The Disorganized Mind.

Robert Pal, SCACIt’s About Solutions
Robert Pal, SCAC: “Clients come to me with their work and relationship challenges. Together, we develop and test new strategies based on strengths and past successes. The result is authentic, practical and sustainable solutions.”

Julie Kliers, BFA, ADDCA TrainedADHD Coach
Julie Kliers, BFA, ADDCA Trained: Helping clients of all ages learn motivational strategies to take action with everyday tasks and goals • Understand your brain • Create customized daily routines • Use proven techniques to empower yourself with ADHD.