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FAQ About ADHD Coaching

Having an ADHD coach is like having a personal trainer for your brain. Is it the right therapy for you?

ADHD Coaching is a Chess Match, and training your brain
ADHD Coaching is a Chess Match, and training your brain

What is an ADHD coach?

An ADHD Coach is a person who has specialized training in helping the client with ADHD to reach his or her personal goals.

What are the characteristics of a good coach?

A good coach is one who knows how to encourage people, can think of solutions to problems, and can provide the support necessary to allow the client to accomplish his or her goals.

Is an ADHD coach like a therapist?

ADHD coaching and therapy are two different things. “Psychotherapy deals with healing psychological issues and is generally long term and intensive dealing with inter and intra personal issues as well as cognitive and behavioral development. The focus is often on past history and how it relates to that individual’s development,” says ADDitude’s Coach on Call, Sandy Maynard. She continues, “Coaching is very proactive and does not deal with psychological issues.”

Is coaching cheaper than therapy?

Prices vary, from a low of $50 per hour to over $250 per hour, depending on the expertise of the coach, the level of involvement and other factors.

Why couldn’t I just ask a friend to do this for free?

Is your friend going to understand how and why ADHD makes you do certain things? How are you going to feel about this friend when he demands to know why you didn’t reach a particular goal or deadline? Coach Nancy Ratey feels that parents, spouses or friends should not coach loved ones. “Because coaching focuses on the client’s agenda it is best to have someone who is removed from the situation to be the coach.”

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Does coaching involve a long-term commitment?

It depends on your goals. If you’re using a coach for a specific project, then that will determine how long you commit to the process. If you are using a coach for general self-help, it could become a long-term relationship if you want it to be. Most coaches ask for a three to six month commitment.

What happens if I get into this and find it doesn’t work for me?

Very few coaches use written contracts. Most will usually let you stop immediately if coaching is not working for you.

Can anyone be a coach?

Technically, yes, because there are currently no university degrees in coaching and there is no licensure of coaches like is required of doctors, therapists and other professionals. A better question would be “Can anyone be an effective coach?, in which case, the answer is “no.” This is a specialized field and you need to hire a coach who knows what they are doing.

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Updated on May 23, 2018

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