Family Mission Statement

Many parents of children with ADHD are too busy juggling schedules, homework, medication, and discipline to stop and create an unrushed, loving memory with the family.

Many parents of kids with ADHD know a lot about crisis management. We are very good at doing what needs to be done — now. Managing our kids’ day-to-day routines often leaves little time to do anything else.

Take a quiet moment when the kids are sleeping to consider the bigger picture. Answer the following questions: What are you doing with the limited time, energy, and resources you have? Why? And, most important, are you headed in the right direction?

[Stay Calm and Mom (Or Dad) On]

From that discussion, write a family mission statement that will help you determine what should stay and what should go in your lives. If it is important to you to have a close family whose members love and respect each other, you must allocate time for activities that move you in that direction. Perhaps a family night that includes playing cards or going bowling would make better use of your time than cooking a four-course dinner.

Take a quiet moment to reassess your family’s values, then post your family mission statement in the comments section, below, to share it with fellow parents of children with ADHD.