Meditation for ADHD

Faith, Hope, and ADHD

The challenges of attention deficit try even the strongest souls. These ADDitude readers renew their spirit through prayer and trust in a higher power.

A man with ADHD walks on the beach contemplating his faith.
A man with ADHD walks on the beach contemplating his faith.

My spiritual beliefs help me cope with my adult ADHD, as well as my sons’ condition. I am a pharmacist, and I am frustrated with faithful people’s ignorance about ADHD. Many within the church consider the condition to be a spiritual problem. Most have no idea of the medical basis of the condition, so they rely on what their friends tell them. The church has to get educated about ADHD. Parishioners who have children with the condition are doing them a disservice by not having them treated. -Craig, Florida

I am spiritual, but don’t belong to any organized religion. Nothing in my life is organized. I talk to my inner self to help me focus. -An ADDitude Reader

I find a lot of peace in the notion that God loves and works through imperfect people. My medical practice is devoted exclusively to patients with ADHD. Here in the Bible Belt, there are many people who attend church but feel guilty because their minds wander during the service. They can’t remember the sermon, people’s names, or the meetings they promised to attend. -An ADDitude Reader

To deal with ADHD productively, you need a lot of patience. The disorder is one of those things we have to embrace as part of our lives, and we must be proactive in working around it. It’s a lot easier to do that when you have a sense that there is a higher purpose behind these challenges. -An ADDitude Reader

In trying times, it’s our faith that God has a plan for us that keeps things in perspective. Adults and children with ADHD have many gifts that can bless others. -Lesly, California

I can’t imagine getting through life without prayer and God. My go-to verse is Jeremiah 29:11. It tells me that God knows the plan for me and my children, even if I don’t. As a divorced working mom of three children, two of whom have inattentive ADHD, my life is crazy. I find myself wondering when they are going to “get it!” God reassures me that I’m doing the best I can, and, I hope, one day, my kids will realize it as well. -Angelyn, Georgia

We are all “gems of inestimable value.” When I mess up and things get chaotic, it helps to remember that. Meditation and prayer center me and increase my focus. And then there is that beautiful quote: “This too shall pass.” -Donna, Norway

When I accepted the fact that I have ADHD, I was able to help myself through prayer and meditation. I was angry at God at first because I lived half my life before being diagnosed. It was like finding the last few pieces of the puzzle that is me. Reading the Bible helps me get through the rough days. I enjoy Psalms and Proverbs. -Kat, Iowa

God’s word provides amazing support for our family. Stories of Bible characters, like David, Ruth, and Esther, have helped us remember to be brave even when others do not understand us. The 23rd Psalm has been special to us through the years, as well. Prayer helps me face each day with grace when I struggle with challenging times and failure. -An ADDitude Reader

My faith strengthens my ability to deal with everything, including my inattentive ADHD. I ask God several times a day to keep me focused and on track with my daily activities. When I sit down to read my Bible or listen to a sermon, my mind runs down little “bunny trails” that are opened up by what is being said or what I am reading. -Tamie, Missouri

Our faith sustained us when we had trouble with school administrators. We prayed for guidance on how to treat our child’s condition and to find tools to help him be successful. God answered our prayers and led us to all the help we needed. Our son is now a confident, happy, straight-A student with lots of friends. We always rely on God to guide us through life’s many challenges. -An ADDitude Reader

My faith keeps me from going insane when dealing with my ADHD child. I do not care if other people don’t believe that ADHD is real. If they have seen my child or me on and off our medication, they know that ADHD exists. -An ADDitude Reader

As a parent, I often pray in frustration: “God, give me the words!” Usually, I’m looking for the right thing to say to my kids to connect with them, get them to hear me, or help them understand something. Asking for the words always helps. I also teach my children to pray out of gratitude and when they are frustrated or upset. It calms and centers them. -Susan, Michigan

One of my daughter’s favorite thoughts about her ADHD is that God does not make mistakes. He has a very special plan for her in life. -An ADDitude Reader

I pray for patience and strength, and I give thanks for the challenges my son presents me with. It has made me a better person. -Sheila, Illinois

The Serenity Prayer keeps things in perspective in dealing with my ADHD. Recognizing that some things are beyond my control helps me calm down – and when I’m calmer, I manage my symptoms better. I also say to myself, “This too shall pass.” Things might suck today, but there is a chance that they will be better tomorrow. -An ADDitude Reader

I don’t get angry with God about the fact that my child has ADHD. I think ADHD is one of the ways God delights in the diversity of His children. -Beth, Delaware

I pray for my son, Noah, and the challenges he deals with. I also see that Noah has insight, talents, and compassion for others that come from his own trials. I try to forgive myself when I overreact. -Beth, Tennessee

I don’t allow my ADHD, which I was diagnosed with late in life, to get in the way of trusting and loving God, and thanking him for the blessings He gives. -Kathleen, California

My trust in and reliance on God strengthens my ability to deal with my son’s ADHD symptoms…and so does prayer. The bible verse that helps me tells me not to worry about anything…instead, pray about everything. I get upset with myself when I overreact toward my son. -Claire, Texas

My “church” has no walls. It is the woods near my home, where I hike. -An ADDitude Reader

ADHD has always set me apart from others, but my faith keeps me anchored in the knowledge that, even if no one else understands me, God does.” -Lesley, Tennessee

I am a deep believer and trust that God gave me my child because we belong together. Without that belief, I think I would have felt defeated long ago. My son was adopted, and how that came to pass is another reason I believe God chose him for me and me for him. -Cyndy, Florida

Although ADHD sometimes keeps me from staying on track according to my time line, I may be right on time on God’s time line. -Tiffany, Tennessee

When things get hard with our nine-year-old, I remind myself that everything happens for a reason and that God is in control, not me. It’s easier said than done, though. I pray a lot, and I know that, in time, God will do what’s right for our son to get him through the hard times! -Jamye, Colorado

Saying a prayer of forgiveness every week helps me. It clears the board for me on the weeks that I have not been the perfect parent. -Susan, Arizona