ADHD Myths & Facts

Facts About ADHD: Get ‘Em, Share ‘Em

CHADD has created a series of ADHD worksheets or printables that share the truth about ADHD symptoms, causes, treatments and more.

Reverence for facts is under siege these days, especially in the political discourse this election season. Few contenders let the facts get in the way of a good speech that sets off headlines. And we all know that facts have been scarce in the words and thoughts of many people sounding off about ADHD.

“Can’t you try harder?”

“Your child can sit still if you discipline him enough!”

“Why should a child diagnosed with ADHD get special treatment in school?”

“Don’t bother giving your child medication; he’ll outgrow ADHD by the time he is 13.”

“If you didn’t daydream so much, you could have met that deadline. Get with it, man!”

When someone misspeaks about ADHD, don’t you wish, at the very least, you had the facts to wave under his nose? In addition to the resources in ADDitude magazine and on, CHADD offers targeted information on every aspect of ADHD. Aptly called “What We Know,” these fact sheets, taken together, are the Encyclopedia Britannica of the disorder.

“What We Know” gives you the 18,000-foot view of ADHD – details about its causes, symptoms, and treatments in children and adults, men and women — and on-the-ground correctives and strategies for organizing your kitchen cabinets, managing money, and knowing your legal rights in school and the workplace.

Read the CHADD fact sheets, print them out, email or fax them off to friends as well as the misinformed. Spread the word that facts are the best therapy for treating the world’s misperceptions of ADHD.