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School Accommodations: Extended Test Time Explained

I’ve heard about kids with ADHD or learning disabilities getting extra time on tests. Does the extra time make them miss classwork?

Extended time is one of the most common accommodations used by special-ed students. The amount of time it takes to complete a test depends on the type of test and the child’s abilities.

In my classroom, students who receive extended time complete the test within the same class period, so no special scheduling is required. However, if a student is unable to finish, I work with him to find time that is convenient for him, but that doesn’t get in the way of other lessons, lunch, or physical education. I often allot classroom time during the day for students to complete unfinished assignments. This is a good time for a student to complete a test.

If you have any concerns about the accommodations provided to your child, address them with your child’s teachers.

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