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Enter to win a Forbrain system for improved attention, speech, and memory (a $299 value) by telling us about the best gift you have ever received — or given.

Gifts Worth Our Attention

Giant inflatable Santas and fake plastic trees have arrived. Black Friday is still a far-off threat, yet it’s tough not to begin thinking about holiday wish lists and perfect gifts. As the ADDitude editors begin compiling our 2019 lists, we’d like to know: What is the best gift you have ever received — or given — and why was it amazing? Enter your comment below and you’ll be entered to win a Forbrain headset for improved attention and memory.


Forbrain is a specially designed headset built on robust, patented technology aimed at enhancing speech, attention, memory, and more. Several scientific studies have proven its efficacy, and this award-winning device is recommended by thousands of therapists and used by families worldwide for easy at-home practice.

How does it work? The user receives instantaneous high-quality auditory feedback of their own voice via bone-conduction. The device also includes a dynamic filter that creates sound contrasts in the user’s voice to periodically stimulate the brain, keeping it alert. Working on their audio-vocal loop, the user will naturally improve their speech but also their attention and concentration levels. Forbrain is very user-friendly and no extra training is required; the user simply needs to use their voice to practice: reading out loud, speaking, singing, memorizing a poem or a speech, studying etc.

Enter to Win

To win the Forbrain headset (a $299 value), use the Comments section below to tell us: What is the best gift you have ever received — or given — and why was it amazing?


Saturday, November 30, at 11:59 pm EST.


Only Comments posted with a valid email address will be considered valid entries. One entry per household per day. The editors of ADDitude will select one winner at random and notify the winner via email on December 4.
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  1. The best gift I have ever received was my first Bible. It has been an instrumental part of my life since age 11. It has develop my faith, and has brought wonder, excitement, challenges, and comfort to me over the years. I can always learn something new and grow as a person by reading it!

  2. My son is 12, he is ADHD and loves arts. He loves to draw, play music, sing, build, and create. Our school is small and you basically have to pick art class or music class (band). He wants to be an engineer when he grows up so we decided that art was the right path for him. We also attend a church the worship band plays a guitar, keyboard, and a box drum. I watched my son weekly “playing” the back of the chair in front of him as he watched the drum player. He was good. After watching him for weeks I bought him a box drum. The drum is loud and sometimes annoying but it allows him the chance to play an instrument, be creative, he isn’t on electronics as much.

  3. The best gift I ever received was actually not a gift I was given – it was a gift for my sister. My older sister was given a pair of ice skates for Christmas when I was 7. We went as a family to the pond to have her try them out. I was sliding around on the ice in my snow boots and my mother asked if I wanted to take lessons with my sister. I did! That was the start of 12 years of training as a figure skater and another 5 years as a coach. BEST GIFT EVER!!

  4. I think by far the best gift I’ve ever given is the gift of empathy and an open space to be heard. To preface this, I’m a volunteer Crisis Counselor at Crisis Text Line. I give my time, time and time again, to comfort, and help those in crisis feel heard and validated. It is by far, one of the greatest gifts you can give anyone, and the response I get as feedback is usually the greatest gift I can receive in return. It’s the best feeling in the world for me.

    Shameless plug: If you’re in the U.S. text ‘Home’ to 741741 to reach a counselor if you’re in need of support. I hope you all take care.

  5. The best present I ever received was from my mother, almost yearly. We didn’t grow up with much but she knew of my passion to write stories and poetry since I had just trouble expressing myself and until High School, I only had a select few friends.
    She would make sure to get me tons of loose leaf paper and pencils/pens for Christmas. Yes, it was not much from the outside but she was expressing an interest and encouraging my creativity by giving me the means to notate when I had a sudden inspiration in my difficult youth.
    I am forever thankful because to this day, I keep multiple journals and spend my rare free time writing still. That is, if my two daughters and son are willing to let mommy focus long enough to finish a task 😂. Pretty hard when you’ve been battling ADHD for all these years without medication.

  6. Pom-Pom Pets, chosen from the Sears Roebuck catalogue when I was a little kidlet. Still no other gift is as thrilling as seeing that tiny box of crafty goodness under the tree.

  7. My mother gave me a perfumed lock and key journal when I was 6 and started my journey into words, introspection and self awareness that has been a great asset in my life. Thanks, mom!

  8. One of the best gifts I ever received was to drive a Race Car around the Petty Track in Orlado.
    First your by yourself, after that it’s all the feelings that go with pushing in the clutch, being ready for how the cars going to respond and letting it go. Taking off and going fast, holding on to the left turn. No one can hear you so you can scream too as loud as you want and let it all out. It was exhilarating, and exhausting… I loved it.

  9. One of the best gifts I ever received was to drive Laps in a Race Car around the Petty Track in Orlado.
    First your by yourself, after that it’s all the feelings that goes with pushing in the clutch, being ready for how the cars going to respond and letting it go. Taking off and going fast, holding on to the left turn. No one can hear you so you can scream too as loud as you want and let it all out. It was exhilarating, and exhausting… I loved it.
    [email protected]

  10. The best gift I ever received was a sweet stuffed animal (dog) with a Christmas stocking in his mouth and the words, “Will you marry me?” painted on the stocking. Inside the stocking was my engagement ring…27 years ago and 3 beautiful children later! What a blessing!

  11. The best give I gave was a basket of “essentials” to a friend who had just had a baby. I had no idea she was dealing with some postpartum depression and anxiety. When she opened it she cried and just keep saying that she had forgotten that other people “got how hard it was” and that it helped to have someone who just knew what she needed.

  12. My niece graduated from high school last June. She plays the guitar. She loves music because it helps her with anxiety (she has ADHD). I got her two pendants one in the shape of a guitar and the other in the shape of a treble. She is in college now and every time she feels anxious she holds on to her necklace and takes deep breath. This helps her remind herself that music and family are her happy place.

  13. The best gift I was given was a 1974 Volkswagen white rabbit with red interior and plaid seats! It was my high school graduation gift and cost $600!!! She was a treasure.

  14. The best gift I ever received was a kitten. I wrote a letter to Santa asking for a black and white kitten. In my stocking on Christmas morning there was a letter back from Santa telling me to go look in the laundry room. I went and opened the door and a sweet little kitten was looking up at me. I loved him so much. Named him nikki after saint nicholas

  15. After a difficult move across several states, on Christmas Day a package arrived from a good friend who had limited funds. I opened it to find one cup and saucer from her grandmothers china. Many years later, I still treasure that special gift.

  16. The best and most appreciated gift I have given, was a weighted blanket. My grandson asked me for a weighted blanket last year. It has been used everyday since he took it home. He says it comforts him and helps relieve his anxiety. So glad I spent the extra money for the duvet, so it can be washed. This headset sounds like it would be a huge advantage to help him concentrate.

  17. Best gift i ever got was on my 9th birthday in 4th grade, my mother gave me RITALIN(some form of)!! i came home and told her “mommy this it the best gift you ever gave me”. i had the most (first) amazing day of my life both with friends, myself and school. i even remember hanging my bad up when i got home and not trowing it on the floor.
    my monther always talks about how relived she was because giving ADHD meds 26 years ago was not so common.

  18. The greatest gift I ever recieved was my daughter. She is my eye opener and my teacher. We are in the process of testing undermine her needs right now and this headset looks like it will be very helpful with her attention issues.

  19. The best gift I have ever given thus far was Backstreet Boys Tickets for my sister as growing up, we could never afford to see them and with her being a mom now, she would never think of spending that money on herself! We had a night to remember as well!!

  20. The best gift I have ever received would be a handmade framed photo of my dad and I. He is no longer with us and this has kept him alive in my home and overlooking everything I do, especially parenting. The headset would be a gift that we could cherish for years to come as both my children are active little buggers and get easily overwhelmed or lose focus. Helping them in the best ways possible also helps me.

  21. I come from a family with issues, we would not get to many presents or to often. It was 1 thing that I received form my parents when I was 4-5 years old.. it was a brown dress that had pockets in the front, and had bunnies drown on the pockets, it was not my side, a little bit bigger…like I said we would get stuff like that maybe once a year.. I was so happy and wanted to wear it every day , even that it was to big…I still can visualize the bunnies on my dress today…I often think at that dress and it always make me smile.

  22. The best gift I was ever given was my 9 year old, Eliana (who’s name means My God has answered.) Full of spunk and empathy at the same time, she came 21 days shy of the 1 year anniversary of my two month old son’s death. After losing Caeden to a congenital heart defect, the last thing I thought I would have ever wanted was to have another baby-but watching her grow has been God’s gift to our family <3 BEST GIFT EVER!!

  23. My favorite Christmas gift was an engagement ring from my now husband. We had talked about getting married, but I didn’t think he would propose over Christmas! This Christmas will mark 20 years since getting engaged and I love my husband just as much (if not more) than I did back then.

  24. The best gift my child received are colored and scented pencils to do his homework. It made him excited and fun to do school work eliminated the struggle of getting him to focus and want to do it. We also received ADHD books about a boy who has it how he copes and handles his emotions. My son loves the books he can relate to them and he has been receptive to trying the tips the books give to help! [email protected]

  25. Honestly, I wish I could remember my Christmas gifts. I probably remember only 3 of them. I remember one year getting an Anatomy Book I stared at for a year because it was so expensive at the book store. So maybe that would probably rate as the best gift.

  26. This best gift I ever got was understanding. I was sitting in front of my computer fed up and feeling hopeless. My three year old who was now napping, had spent the entire morning testing me in every way. I felt like I was ready to snap and I didn’t know how to cope. I quickly typed “how to manage a hyperactive child” after some reading an ad on the side caught my eye. “When you have ADHD too: a guide for moms with ADHD.” I clicked on it and I was relating to everything I read. I latched onto this subject and started listening to a podcast on adult ADHD. I figuratively bawled my eyes out because after 27 years I finally knew what was at the root of my struggles. It was as if the world changed in an instant

  27. Best gift I’ve ever received? Time with some of the closest friends I have. Being around them calms my mind and stops some of the sensory overload that is my norm.

  28. For my 40th birthday, my husband executed the most amazing adventure full of surprises. The only thing he told me was to pack for overnight, including a dressy outfit. He arranged a babysitter for our kids, and we took an Uber from the suburbs to Union Station in DC where we boarded a train to New York City. (I have a crazy affinity for public transportation.) In NYC, he surprised me with tickets to Hamilton (which I’d been dying to see) and a hotel right across from Juniors – the famous cheesecake place! It was the best gift ever because he took care of every detail, provided surprise after surprise, and hit the nail on the head with each one. More than the gift itself, it was all the thought and effort he put into it and how every detail – from lots of surprises, to taking the train, and having some time all to ourselves – showed how well he really knows me. I literally was not able to imagine anything better. ❤️❤️

  29. My best present to someone else: I was reading and scribing for a learner in South Africa for his exams in his final year at high school. He had dyslexia. He mentioned that he needed special glasses that had tinted lenses. The glasses would have made his reading so much more accessible and meaninful while he was learning and during exams. BUT his single mother could not afford the glasses. So I decided to buy him a an A4 sheet of clear blue plastic which he could use instead when he was learning. I had read that coloured plastic could help dyslexic learners. Much to my joy and his it worked!

    Such a small gift made a profound difference to a learner.

  30. The very best Christmas gift I ever received was a tunnel. I got this gift from my big brother when I was approximately 4 years old. Before the tunnel, I constantly, and to my exausted mother’s dismay, played “the floor is lava” game. I climbed on every chair, loveseat, and table in our house! After receiving the 6ft long 24in diameter plastic “cave”, I stayed confined for hours, and I LOVED IT! I’m 45 years old now and if I had one today…. I’d be in it! Lol

  31. The best gift I have EVER received was a foal (Prince) when I was 15, from my parents. I had been asking for a horse for years so they knew I was serious about it , plus I had a lot of knowledge and experience with horses and was totally obsessed (still am!) so they knew I wouldn’t lose interest . Since then it has been my passion and the main thing that helps me cope with the ups and downs of life. I am now 52 and have my 2nd horse and she gives me joy and comfort too, I can talk to her about anything. Plus I can use up my excess energy so that I can actually sit and watch TV of an evening (although I have to knit at the same time to concentrate!).

  32. The best gift I received was a handmade poster from my 11 year old son. He made a list of all the things he loves about me using each letter of the alphabet. 🥰

  33. Aside from my family & most meaningful relationships, on of my most treasured gifts was a sister-trip to Paris with my older sister. She generously showered me with the most amazing week full of beauty & history, food & art.

  34. The best gift I ever received was for my birthday in my mid twenties. Two of my best briends, a couple I knew from college set up an entire day for me as a surpise. They knew I was feeling down so they showered me with love, making me a hot breakfast, paying for a massage, we went for a hike and went to a movie, they each gave me a card and a gift, they said sweet things to me, goving me appreciations & affirmations. They baked me a chocolate cake and took me out to dinner. They were so many aspects I can’t remember them all after 27 years, only that they cemented our family connection. We should all be so blessed with loving attention.

  35. I come from a small and humble family, we live by the border in Mexico in a ”used to” hostile environment. I come from divorced parents, and I’m the youngest of two siblings that are more than 10 years older than me. I’ve always loved reading and being able to communicate through various methods. My brother at that time was living in another city and he was just graduating from the university, he came all the way to our hometown and he brought his used computer (that I loved) he found a box and wrapped in a beautiful christmas paper and he putted under the christmas tree. When I opened it I couldn’t believe it, I had my own computer. But although I already had an amazing computer, what touched me most was the detail of my brother and his humility to give me his personal computer so that I had a way of doing what I have always liked to do, which is to learn.

  36. The best gift I could give? A kidney for my dad. Interesting story: I met my dad two years ago, after doing an ancestry test, and getting contacted, via the app, by a younger sister I never even knew I had. It’s an unusual, amazing story, with a very happy ending – I now have two “new” sisters, and an even larger extended family. Unfortuntely, my dad has been having ongoing health issues, and he needs a kidney. I accepted, without hesitation. I’m still going through testing, to make sure I’m a match, but I’ve already gone through lots of them, and passed them all. If all goes well, I will be my dad’s donor, and I’ll get to spend more time with him. Since I was 49 when we reunited, we have a whole lot of catching up to do.

  37. The best gift I ever gave was a coat to my best friend. She has received a lot of bad gifts over the years and the coat she had was no longer effective against the cold. It was old too. I took my mom and we spent hours at a coat store finding just the right size and color for her. Christmas day rolls around and we were both in tears. She knew that I had put a lot of thought and effort into getting the coat and was surprised that a friend cared that much. That experience made my whole Christmas day.

  38. The best gift I ever received was when my husband bought me my Apple watch. It has saved me so much time because now when I misplace my phone multiple times a day, I am able to use the watch to make a sound so I can locate it. Can you guess I have ADHD? Now I wish that could work for everything else I tend to lose throughout the day.

  39. This life is but a vapor, it is short in comparison to eternity. So, I definitely say salvation through faith as the free gift of God is the Greatest Gift ever given to anyone, and given to me.

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