Enter to Win a Forbrain Headset for Attention & Speech

Enter to win a Forbrain system for improved attention, speech, and memory (a $299 value) by telling us what’s on your holiday wish list this year.

The Gift of Technology

Earlier this year, we asked ADDitude readers to share their favorite products — the tools and technologies that help them learn, sleep, remember, and get things done. Reading the recommendations, we were reminded just how life-changing the right technology — used in the right circumstances, with the right resolve — can be. Which is why we’re pleased to present this sweepstakes to win a Forbrain headset for improved attention and memory.


Forbrain is a bone-conduction headset with a patented dynamic filter, designed to enhance speech and attention. Several scientific studies have proven its efficiency, and this award-winning device is recommended by thousands of therapists and used by families worldwide for easy at-home practice. The user will get instantaneous high-quality auditory feedback of his own voice via bone-conduction. The device also includes a dynamic filter that creates sound contrasts in the user’s voice to surprise the brain and keep it alert. Working on his audio-vocal loop, the user will naturally improve his speech but also is attention and concentration levels. Forbrain is universal and doesn’t require any training, the user simply needs to use his voice to practice: reading out loud, speaking, singing, memorizing a poem or a speech, studying etc.

Enter to Win

To win the Forbrain headset (a $299 value), use the Comments section below to tell us: What is on your (or your child’s) wish list this holiday season?


Friday, November 30, at 11:59 pm EST.


Only Comments posted with a valid email address will be considered valid entries. One entry per household per day. The editors of ADDitude will select one winner at random and notify the winner via email on Tuesday, December 4.
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235 Comments & Reviews

  1. I’m an individual of my own. I don’t have kids. But I’m hearing impaired since a very long time. My speech definitely needs improvement. It has been unclear for the past 19 years (I’m 22 right now) considering I’ve been trying to improve although the progress is not as fast I expect it to be.
    My wish for this holiday is better hearing aids.

  2. On my wish list this year is a decent amount of money due to the fact I am a neuroscience major in college and am barely scraping by. Other than that maybe some clothes and the chance to see my girlfriend again before she goes to study abroad in Spain next spring.

  3. Every year I don’t have any items I want on my wish list for the Holidays; despite the requests for a list by family. 🙂
    A Forbrain may certainly make the list though.

  4. Our adopted son has ADHD and the challenges he faces at school
    regarding learning and concentration lead us to a psychologist
    who lend him a Forbrain for one semester of exams.
    We were so encouraged by the enormous difference it made in his life.
    Unfortunately we had to return her device and living in South Africa, our currency is very weak, compared to international money.
    We desperately desire a Forbrain for him for Christmas!!!

  5. My son wants a new bike. It is his favorite activity right now and give him great sensory input and enough activity to get the wiggles out! His current bike is just too small and should be passed down to his little brother!

  6. All of my kids love getting Legos for Christmas. They really like the programmable Lego robot out now.
    What a wonderful chance to win! We have 3 kids with varying degrees of speech apraxia, this would be wonderful to try!

  7. My son and I both are learning to deal with ADHD together. I grew up with ADHD but it was a completely different experience for me. I was alway extremely smart but hard to motivate, gave up quickly, and live surrounded by 1/2 finished projects. My son was exceptionally smart and knew how to spell and write by the time he was 2, but as he gets older his mind wanders and he has begun showing some of the same symptoms I did as a child. He recently started Focalin but I want to do everything I can to eventually ween him onto a very low dosage. He really loves video games and all things “old school”. He really wants a Nintendo Switch but I am making him save his money for that. I think he will get a digital camera so he can make his movies and maybe something to teach him how to make his own cartoons.

  8. My 11-year-old has been begging for a full sized weighted blanket and a pop-up tent for his bed. He has a hard time going to sleep because of the sounds and sights in his room, and sensory deprivation always seems to calm him!

  9. My child would just like 2 be like other kids. He hates being told he has ADHD and aspergers.
    I tell him it’s ok to be different and i can relate as i have a brain problem that has left me in a wheelchair. He helps me so much. He would like a game for his 2DS. My son has so much going on. yes he gets hyper and yes he has melt downs but he will always help me and we can always laugh when it’s over.

  10. My 9-year-old daughter struggles with reading, but loves stories. She asked for a reading pen (small scanner that will read and define unknown words), so she can be more independent when reading.

  11. I would like to buy my son a Hidrate Spark water bottle. He forgets to drink water during the day, and this bottle will flash at him when he needs to drink. This will help him stay hydrated, which he needs in order to be focused and alert.

  12. My wish is to get my brain function back so that I can get back to work again as a psychotherapist/social worker. A medical issue caused memory problems, minor propagnosia and problems with verbal and written expression.

  13. While I don’t expect anyone to but a new phone for me it is on my own wish list. I am looking out for deals as student loans consume a good chunk of my paycheck. However, I use my phone at work and am limited on what I can do because of my current cell provider (poor reception where I work) and having an older phone. So on my wish list is a new phone that has enough memory to allow me to download apps needed to work with students without having to delete things first. I am constantly deleting and re-downloading apps so that I can better try and meet the needs of the students I work with at 3 elementary schools with the resources I have. Additionally, having ADHD I know that there are apps I could be using for myself to help keep me better organized and manage my life but am unable to as is.

  14. My daughter really wants little things like little dolls I think they’re called hatchamals. My son really wans a drone. But since they tend to be very fragile and he’s not that old we are looking at getting him some smaller things like hot wheels and other things that are a little less expensive.

  15. My sons’s Christmas list has anything science and technology related on it! Electronic circuit boards at his school or STEM projects keep his attention!
    This headset would be amazing to have to help with reading and language homework which almost always bring tears as we try to work through it each night!

  16. My son loves to use technology – computer games are a favorite. He is asking for a Nintendo Switch this year, along with legos, rapid-fire Nerf, and a metal detector.

  17. Anything Legos, Anything Video Games……………….. I am new to this so Forebrain kind of is off my radar. Now THIS may be put on Santa’s LIST!

  18. I don’t have a child with ADHD, but I have it and would love the opportunity to win this!

    My younger brother who has ADD and Asperger’s always wants tons of video games, Lovecraftian books, and art books.

    My wishlist is always full of sci-fi and fantasy Kindle books, League of Legends currency, and crafting supplies!

    Happy holidays, thank you got the opportunity! 🙃

  19. Our son loves anything Legos. He also loves music, especially country music, and he’s a huge Elvis fan! He loves Science and History which makes us want to get him a National Geographic subscription as part of his Christmas list. Forebrain is new to us, but based on what I’ve learned about this product, it may help our son strengthen his ability to focus.

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