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Earlier this summer, we asked ADDitude readers to tell us about their favorite products and apps for organization, time management, sleep, stress, learning, and health. The recommendations and insights we received were invaluable — and filled up our wish lists fast.

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When we relaunched the ADDitude Store last month, we began featuring these reader-recommended products online and inviting more ratings and reviews. Now you can browse our the products that other readers love, and email us to suggest your own.

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To win one of three ADHD gift baskets featuring reader-recommended products (a $30 value), use the Comments section below to tell us: What do you wish the world knew about ADHD?


Wednesday, October 31, at 11:59 pm EST.


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Updated on October 24, 2018

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  1. I want people to know exactly how it affects people with ADHD who need stimulants like Adderall to function when they use them as party drugs and sell them illegally to each other.

  2. I want the world to know that I have an ADHD brain. I am a 45 year old female who struggles to manage daily life tasks due to the severity of my Attention Defecit Hyperactivity Disorder. I didn’t out grow it. And it wasn’t a phase.
    I experience manageability for 4 years after a proper diagnosis at age 37. IT WAS AMAZING! When my Psychiatrist moved on, the new Psychiatrist had issues about ADHD and stimulant trearnent. So he refused the medication that proved to be a success. I’ve gone untreared for 3 years.

    I want the world to know that
    My house is a mess.
    Its hard to keep up.
    I can’t finish a task.
    I keep trying.
    I’m never still.
    I just want to relax.
    I don’t know what to do about dinner.
    I always forget.
    I affect everyone around me.
    I’m always late.

    I really do try.
    Its out of my control.
    Its hard to manage.
    I’m embarrased. Psychiatrist want to change my diagnosos.
    I’m discouraged.
    Bi Polar and Autism is validated.
    I guess I’m not important.
    Its real.
    Why don’t they believe me? I require treatment
    I’m begging.
    No one will help me.
    I’m scared.

    -said the woman to the world

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