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ADDitude is required reading for anyone touched by ADHD — it’s just that simple.
The nation’s leading source of important news, expert advice, and judgment-free understanding for families and adults living with attention deficit disorder, ADDitude is your voice and your advocate.

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In the Spring of 2017, ADDitude relaunched its web site to better serve readers across desktop and mobile devices with the content and resources they wanted most. The new site is a big step forward, but there are always things we could do better. We hope you will help us improve by telling us what you feel we’re doing best — and worst.

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  1. I have learned more from this website than anything else! Sometimes I am overwhelmed by how much content there is (which is a good thing)! I love how many subjects are discussed and I couldn’t be happier I was pointed toward this site!

  2. I really love the webinars, and I love the real-life tips for handling various things. ADDitude really does a good job of looking at ADHD from many different perspectives (educator, parent, person with ADHD,etc.), and that is very helpful. Research is presented in a way that is interesting and useful but not overwhelming with hard-to-understand academic language. I can’t think of anything to improve on!

  3. I use the magazine for personal use for my son and also for my work. I work in the field as a BSC/ MT and use the articles to help my parents learn more about the child’s ADHD. I have recommended this site to parents, co-workers and even my supervisors for use with trainings. I love the articles and will continue to use the resources.

  4. Articles and downloads from the website are extremely helpful in understanding how to best manage our relationship and non-medicinal coping mechanisms in relation to my husband’s diagnosis.

  5. The best part of the website for me is the one for adults. I particularly like getting things done, home organization and relationship advice.I also listen to the webinars and see the videos when I have time. ADDitude has helped me immensely personally and professionally.Thank you for such a great resource!

  6. I think it would be really great if you created an ADDitude magazine directed exclusively to kids. Some of the contents should also correlate with the articles in the regular ADDitude magazine so that the kids might get excited about getting on board with the parents in trying these techniques! And to show them how to help themselves when their parents aren’t around to guide them!

  7. I love the webinars! I definitely learned a lot thanks to this resource.

    One feature that would be super helpful on this website is having reading lists. There are so many interesting articles about ADD on this website, but every time I come here I am overwhelmed with all the pages I want to read. What ends up happening is dozens of open browser tabs that frankly don’t ever get read (browser crashes, I accidentally close them, etc). So if I am logged in it would be amazing if I could save articles to my reading list. This would help to make sure I don’t lose all those precious articles in open tabs. And if I could somehow mark them read in my reading list, this would even encourage me to actually read them and proudly mark the appropriate checkbox.

  8. I love the free webinars, the research-based article, the Instagram page (a recent and happy discovery), the shit ton of information you give us daily!

    I love “less” the galleries, as they sometimes take longer to load and can get frustrating for our limited attention span.

  9. I am the Coordinator of Accessibility Services at a 4 year liberal arts university. The resources are harder to find for adults with ADD and I have found an invaluable source. The tips, suggestions, articles and tip sheets have been very helpful in my work with students to level the playing field on the road to success.

  10. I am in my final semester (2 weeks left) before receiving my BS in Psychology. I cannot believe how fast it flew by! Not too long before starting this journey, I was diagnosed with ADHD, Inattentive Type at the age of 34. After years and years (over 12) of suffering with daily panic attacks and depression, it was such a relief to finally get an accurate diagnosis. About a month after I was diagnosed, I decided to go to college to study psychology. Almost every single research paper and also my final training program for my minor in adult learning and development have been done on ADHD. Whether the title was adult ADHD, or Which came first: ADHD or Anxiety, or Women and ADHD, or The Gender Gap in ADHD Research: The Hidden Symptoms of Girls with ADHD, this website has been my main resource. I have used and learned so much from the valuable information on this website. I have found almost everything I would be looking for on this website. I found out about the top influencers in the field such as Kathleen Nadeau and Russell Barkley from this site. I love the free webinars and different resources available about all aspects of the disorder. Today I was looking for a resource that I need to add to my paper on how to bring awareness to ADHD and how to reduce the stigma and of course I found that on here too. I want to thank all who are involved with this website because you have been a huge part of the last four years, both personally and academically.
    Also, to those who have said ADHDers can’t do well in school, I say this. I have made the Dean’s List 7 out of 8 times. The reason for not making it all 8 times is because I got a couple of B+’s at the beginning and I did not understand what they would do to my overall GPA. So, ever since then, I have worked extremely hard and I am happy to say that I will be finishing with a GPA of 3.9 and will be graduating next month, summa cum laude. I am still in shock, but I am proud that I have finally accomplished something meaningful in my life. Thank you for reading this! I apologize for blabbing. I always go way too far with comments lately! 🙂


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