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Q: “What Electronic Planners Work for Students with ADHD?”

Electronic planners can help students with ADHD — and learning disabilities like dysgraphia — who struggle to stay organized with paper calendars. Here are 3 app recommendations.

Q: “Could you suggest some electronic planners for a teen with ADHD? My son refuses to use paper planners; he has a tactile sensitivity to paper. But he loves anything that can be done on a computer and I think would be more open to planning if it were done electronically.” –Lulu

Hi Lulu:

I’m never a fan of pushing any type of organizing or planning system on anyone. Different systems work for different individuals. So if paper is not your son’s jam — but electronic is — then let’s work to find the best planner system for HIM!

There are a lot of electronic planner apps out there, but I find most to be clunky or hard to use. Granted, I’m not super tech savvy, so you know if I can figure out an app or find it intuitive, then it has to be relatively easy! Here are a few of my favorites:

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MyHomework Student Planner. This app gives you a calendar to track your assignments, exams, and other important dates, plus a homework widget where you can sync up your assignments and receive deadline reminders. You even get rewarded for finishing assignments. Perfect for remembering those dreadful deadlines.

Google Calendar. My college student coaching clients swear by Google Calendar. (To be fair they use our academic planner alongside it.) Being a college student is overwhelming, especially balancing classes, assignments, and all the life stuff. Google calendar allows you to add recurring events, receive notifications, color code, and even set goals.

My Study Life. My favorite feature is that this app supports week and day rotation timetables as well traditional weekly schedules. It works on all devices, stores your data in the cloud, and even notifies you of incomplete tasks as well as upcoming classes and exams.

Good Luck!

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