Editor’s Pick: The Brilliant Reality of ADHD

Lessons learned from a been-there adult with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD).

by Bryan L. Hutchinson
Infinity; $22.95
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Many experts see ADD/ADHD from the far side. They don’t have the condition, yet they give advice about sticky notes and planners, as if these things will solve all problems.

Bryan Hutchinson doesn’t have to imagine what it’s like having ADD/ADHD. He’s got it, big-time. His mind races like a Formula 1 driver every day.

Author, blogger, and founder of ADDer World, a social networking site for those with the condition, Hutchinson collects his blog musings in this book of revelations. “What you are reading are the thoughts from someone who has lived through more personal devastation than he cares to remember,” he says, “but remember it I do.”

The good news? He came out on the other side, and his journey is full of teachable moments.

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