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Easy Ways to Pack When You Move a Lot

“I’m training for an exciting new job that I’m passionate about. The problem? It will require me to move frequently over the next several years — and my ADHD makes packing (or any break in my normal routine) frustrating. How can I make the moves as easy as possible?”

Moving is disruptive because your stuff is packed away in boxes. If you have to do it frequently — particularly if you have attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD) — one easy way to pack is to cultivate a “camping” mentality.

How does that work? Before each move, assemble your supplies — just the necessities, the things you would use while camping.

> Your “camp kitchen might be one plate, one fork, knife, pot, and so on, along with dish soap, a dishcloth, and a towel.

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> Do the same for a “camp bathroom”: one face cloth, bath towel, toiletry kit, and a couple of laundry detergent pods.

>Pack a suitcase with enough clothes to get through one week, along with any meds.

> Assemble a camp office — a computer bag with chargers and minimal office supplies. These items go into your car or in the two suitcases and a box that fly with you. It’s worth the extra baggage fee.

You want to make do with the camping supplies in the week before and the week after the move, eliminating the need to access items packed away in boxes. Make a list, and keep it on your phone, so that in subsequent moves you have a reference and routine for your “camping” supplies.

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