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[Self-Test] Dyslexia in Adults

Could your lifelong reading and spelling challenges be the result of undiagnosed dyslexia? Take this quick self-test to find out.

Created from criteria from the Davis Dyslexia Association International.

Adults with undiagnosed dyslexia often don’t realize that their academic and professional challenges stem from a learning disability beyond their control. As a result, they may suffer from low self-esteem — incorrectly thinking they were less intelligent or didn’t try as hard as their peers — and may feel as if they’re not living up to their “full potential.”

But dyslexia can be diagnosed at any age, and many work accommodations can help individuals compensate for challenges and feel like they’re performing to the best of their ability. Adults with dyslexia are often creative, intelligent, and driven — there’s no reason dyslexia should hold you back from achieving your goals.

Do you think you have dyslexia? Take the results of this quick self-test to your doctor to see if your symptoms align with those of dyslexia. He or she can give you a referral for a more complete evaluation that can only be completed by a trained healthcare professional or learning specialist.

This self-test is designed to determine whether you show symptoms similar to those of dyslexia. This test is not intended to diagnose. Only a trained educational professional can make a diagnosis. 

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