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10 Working Memory Exercises for Children with ADHD

Working memory fails when the volume of information to juggle surpasses storage capacity. The best way to improve working memory is to lighten the mental load by following the strategies below, devised specifically for children with ADHD.

How to Build Working Memory in Children with ADHD

Working memory is an executive function that allows us to store and use items on our “mental shelf” to get things done. In school, students rely on working memory to answer questions about a text they’ve read, and to solve multi-step math problems. At home, working memory helps a child follow directions and stay on task.

Students with ADHD commonly struggle with working memory, and we can help them by doing the following:
– Break tasks into small steps
– Provide written information
– Use visual aids
– Provide a framework for information
– Develop routines
– Use checklists
– And more…

Here, find 10 tools for improving the working memory executive function that powers success and confidence at home and at school.

Download ADDitude’s full Success @ School Executive Function Action Plan here.

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