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Free Guide: What You Need to Know About ADHD Medications

Follow these rules to maximize the benefits of ADHD medications while minimizing their side effects on children and adults with attention deficit.

Medication — either stimulants or non-stimulants — can be very effective at reducing symptoms of ADHD like hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity. But it’s essential to pick the right medication and to use it properly. Here, Dr. Larry Silver and Dr. William Dodson, each a psychiatrist with more than 30 years of experience treating children and adults with ADHD, offer rules to get the most out of your medication, including:

1. Don’t be too trusting. The medication might last as long as it says it will — but it might not! Work with your doctor to make sure you’re covered when you need to be.

2. Factor in diet and nutrition — as well as other medications. Did you know, for instance, that cold/sinus/hay fever medications that contain decongestants may cause a mildly unpleasant “buzz” in people on ADHD medications? Tell your doctor every medication you’re on — not just the ones you have a prescription for.

3. Don’t expect miracles! ADHD medication is effective, but you’ll likely need to try a few formulations and dosages before you find one that works for you. Be patient, and you’ll likely be rewarded in the end.

These rules (and six more) will help you manage your medication regime — maximizing the benefits while minimizing side effects.

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.

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  1. My teenage nephew came to live with me after the sudden death of his Mom (my sister) …his father is not actively involved in his life either. After getting the guardianship in place I was legally allowed to go to his monthly appointments with him to meet his doctors and begin learning about his medication for ADHD. Boy !! what a path I began. He has been on some type of ADHD medication since 2nd grade, he just graduated from high school a few months ago (May 2017). Homework has been a struggle…. staying focus after the medication wore off was not good for him especially while he was in his second block of school each day. Now that he has turned 18 years of age…. our medical society says he needs to be seen by an adult doctor. Do you know how hard it has been to FINALLY get in to see a doctor only to find out they would like for him to be reevaluated by another doctor before he goes on concerta again!! It has broken my heart to see and hear him struggle. When we met the doctor who finally we got into after he turned 18 (I shared I had read the side effects of withdrawal from concerta) she said to me…. ” it might has well been meth with all of the side effects” !!!! I found some all natural L-Theanine for him to take until we see the next New doctor. Folks this is a real struggle and shame on our medical world who says this is okay!!!! I’m though venting for now….. but I’m still fighting for my nephew. I want him to develop into a success and feel good about his accomplishments. He is a great young man with a great loving kind heart.

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