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What Learning Disabilities Look Like In the Classroom

The chart below matches common classroom symptoms with the learning disabilities that may be causing them. To understand the source of your students’ challenges, consult this chart and discuss an evaluation with the parents and school psychologist.

Your student has trouble understanding metaphors, which you know is a symptom of Autism Spectrum Disorder. But did you realize it’s also a telltale sign of Auditory Processing Disorder?

Another child has trouble telling time (a little-known symptom of dyscalculia). Or maybe her handwriting is awful (a sign of dysgraphia). Or perhaps he reads very, very slowly (a sign pointing toward dyslexia). Whatever the classroom challenge, it’s often difficult to determine the root cause — and develop a plan for addressing it.

That is where this chart comes in. It lists common red flags noticed by educators, and maps them to the learning disabilities that may be to blame. This is a helpful reference tool for educators and caregivers alike — anyone who cares to solve the challenges that so often impede learning.

Download this resource and share it with your child’s teacher to promote a better understanding of complex brains — and how symptoms of common learning disabilities may appear in the classroom. The first step toward greater learning is greater understanding.

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.