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The ADHD Library for Parents

These 10 books — on everything from navigating the complex special-education system to managing explosive behavior — are must-reads for any parent touched by ADHD.

Your child is charming, generous, and kind, but that doesn’t mean parenting her (ADHD and all) is always easy. In fact, it often feels overwhelming and lonely, and in a world where few people truly understand ADHD, guidance and compassion may be in short supply when you need them most.

In those moments, turn to these 10 books for supportive stories, up-to-date treatment pointers, discipline strategies, and good parenting techniques that really work for kids with ADHD and challenging co-morbid conditions. This free download lists books that will help you parent your child with love and compassion, from the moment you suspect ADHD all the way through high school and beyond.

The more you know about ADHD, the better. Start reading today for a better tomorrow for your family. Download now!

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