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Free Expert Resource for Teachers of Students with ADHD

Never underestimate the power of a teacher who is able to harness routines, structure, and positive praise to help students with ADHD stay on track!

Next to parents, teachers are the most influential people in a student’s life. Teachers often dictate the success or failure of a child’s education — particularly if that child has ADHD or a learning disability. And the most impactful teachers are those who tailor their teaching strategies to help kids who learn differently — establishing clear expectations, offering enticing rewards, and enforcing fair consequences when necessary.

“Children are like a puzzle when it comes to learning,” says Ann Saunders, a kindergarten teacher. “It’s my job as a teacher to find out what pieces work well and how to make them fit together. If I give up when it gets tough, I won’t find the solution that works best for each student.”

With lessons to plan, new skills to teach, and more testing every day, many teachers are already pushed to the limit. Carving out time to craft individualized learning solutions is not easy, which is why we’re sharing the following guidelines for establishing a supportive, structured classroom that will encourage learning and enforce discipline. And the best part? These tips benefit your neurotypical students, too — meaning more students will learn and your classroom will run more smoothly each and every day!

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