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Your Ultimate ADHD Diagnosis Guide

What diagnostic tests and procedures should ADHD professionals use to evaluate symptoms? Use this free download to learn what a thorough, credible ADHD evaluation looks like.

An accurate ADHD diagnosis lay the groundwork for treatment strategies, self-acceptance, and a more productive life, but there’s one problem: There is no definitive way to check for ADHD. No blood test or electroencephalogram reading. No CAT or PET scan. No X-ray or psychological testing score.

There is, however, a logical set of steps that medical professionals should take to lead to a formal diagnosis — all of which are outlined in this easy-to-follow guide. We’ll walk you through the different variations of ADHD, what symptoms look like, what other conditions can resemble ADHD — possibly confounding or adding to your diagnosis — and what tools and strategies and used to diagnose the condition. These include:

  • A clinical interview
  • Medical history
  • ADHD rating scales

If your doctor makes the diagnosis too hastily, doesn’t seriously listen to your concerns, or doesn’t follow the steps in this guide to your satisfaction, it may be time to find a new doctor. Download this handout to learn what a proper ADHD diagnosis looks like — and put yourself or your child on the path to effective treatment.

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.