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Squirrel Bingo: The Feel-Good Game Our Readers Love

Feeling more ashamed than accomplished on a daily basis? Reverse that with this free game, which helps you focus on and celebrate improvements.

It’s easy to focus on our mistakes – to replay them in our minds over and over again as we lie sleepless in bed. What’s much more difficult for many adults with attention deficit disorder (ADD or ADHD) is to document and celebrate everyday successes. That is where this game comes in.

Squirrel Bingo was invented by ADHD coach Nicole Perkowitz as a way to build desirable habits and to provide positive feedback. To play…
– Fill in each blank square with a positive behavior or goal that is attainable but not too easy
– Keep the game card in a prominent place and check off the boxes as you complete each goal
– When you get a Bingo, reward yourself with a pre-determined treat of some kind
– Repeat

This advice came from the winter 2018 issue of ADDitude magazine.