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Free Guide to Improving Your Students’ Social Skills

Making friends, avoiding bullies, and acting appropriately can be difficult tasks for children with ADHD. Learn what teachers can do to help.

Kids with ADHD are often creative, curious, and generous — but that doesn’t always translate into a close-knit group of friends. Impulsivity, immaturity, and a lack of understanding of common social cues can mean these children — despite their good intentions — may struggle to connect with their peers in a meaningful way.

No teacher wants to see a child excluded, and it’s well-documented that social support translates into happier kids, less behavioral issues, and improved grades. Teachers can help kids with attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD) make — and keep — lasting friendships with the tips in this download. Strategies include tips on avoiding bullies, learning everyday social skills, and anticipating and planning for common social slip-ups — plus a lot more!

Early social troubles can have lasting effects on a child’s self-esteem. On the other hand, a teacher’s kind words and patient instruction can make a world of difference. This free resource explains how educators can get started.