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Free Guide: Social Anxiety Facts and Falsehoods

Social Anxiety Disorder is not uncommon in adults with ADHD — but it is commonly misunderstood. Learn the myths and facts here.

Some people believe social anxiety disorder (SAD) is synonymous with shyness. Others, including some physicians, don’t believe it exists at all. But for those living with SAD, it’s very real.

Individuals with social anxiety disorder constantly worry about being negatively judged by others. They might find it difficult to eat or talk in public, to use public bathrooms, or to attend social events. As with other anxiety disorders, people with SAD might know their fear is irrational but feel powerless to stop it.

A social anxiety disorder may cause individuals to obsess over personal interactions. They may experience challenges at school or work and relationship troubles. It also puts individuals at a higher risk for substance abuse and depression, dysthymia, or another mood disorder.

In this download, You will learn the following:

  • myths and facts about SAD
  • how SAD symptoms can overlap with ADHD symptoms
  • why it’s often misunderstood

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