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Free Download: Sensory Issues — Triggers, Symptoms & Types of SPD

Loud conversations and flashing lights may disrupt everyday life for people with sensory issues. Learn how sensory processing disorder (SPD) impacts ADHD brains.

Loud conversations and flashing lights are almost universally distracting for ADHD brains, but for people with sensory issues, they may disrupt and overwhelm everyday life.

Sensory processing disorder (SPD) is a neurological condition that disrupts the way the brain takes in, organizes, and uses messages received through the senses.

It often manifests in many small, maddening ways that may be criticized or mistaken for another condition. SPD can be a stand-alone disorder, or it may co-exist with other disorders such as ADHD.

In this download, you will learn the following:

  • common symptoms and triggers of sensory processing disorder
  • how sensory issues look like ADHD
  • the differences between the three types of SPD
  • why it’s important to seek an evaluation if you or someone you know has sensory issues
  • and more!

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