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Your Free Guide to Solving Disorganization at School

A free downloadable guide on how teachers and parents can help students with ADHD or learning disabilities organize their homework, school schedules, medications, backpacks, and more.

Does your child forget to bring books to school — or back home? Are her desk, locker, and backpack in disarray? Does he forget to write down assignments, keep track of deadlines, or turn in homework on time? It’s likely due to ADHD.

Children with ADHD have weak executive functions, which makes it difficult for them to plan and execute basic organizational tasks that other children seem to manage without effort. Scolding the child for her organizational mishaps won’t work — in fact, it’s likely to result in her feeling “stupid,” “lazy,” or just plain “bad.” Instead, parents and teachers have to work together to teach strong organizational skills — as well gently correcting when a paper gets lost or turned in late.

This free downloadable guide comes with 10 easy-to-follow organization tips for your child with ADHD to use in the classroom and at home, including:

  • Getting all homework assignments in writing and keep them in one notebook
  • Color-coding books and supplies by subject
  • Securing one set of books for home and one for school
  • And more!

The key to helping kids stay organized is constant communication between teachers and parents — and this guide offers concrete strategies to help you get started.

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.