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Free Sample Elementary School IEP

In the process of creating an Individualized Education Program for your child with ADHD or LD? Use this sample IEP to craft the best school accommodations and academic goals for your child.

A Sample IEP for ADHD Students

Children who qualify under IDEA are entitled to special-education services, including individual instruction by education specialists. Parents, teachers, and other school staff work together to develop an Individualized Education Program (IEP) for ADHD students outlining these accommodations and associated goals.

An IEP is a plan for the delivery of special-education and related services. It should describe the child’s learning problems, detail the services to be provided, set annual goals, and define how progress will be measured. By law, parents have the right to ask for changes to the plan.

Wondering what an IEP actually looks like? Use this sample IEP to get started crafting one for your child.

The following sample IEP was put together for an eight-year-old boy diagnosed with ADHD and specific learning challenges. Impulsive outbursts are also of concern. He is receiving individualized instruction to address deficits in reading and math, plus behavioral and social skills training.

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