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Free Sample Schedule for Children with ADHD

Customize this hour-by-hour downloadable routine for your child — and make your mornings, homework time, dinners, and bedtimes less stressful and more organized.

Children with ADHD need schedules. Reliable routines for morning, homework, dinner, and bedtime make an amazing difference in setting expectations, building good habits, and improving behavior.

On paper, it seems basic, but when you’re raising kids with learning difficulties, hyperactivity, or difficulty focusing things get a bit more complicated.

Many parents start out implementing a routine, then give up after a few days because kids resist, or it just seems too difficult.

Use this template as your guide to wrangle your family’s time into a pattern that works for you. Make changes to fit your daily life, and then adopt it as not just a temporary behavior plan, but as a way of living.

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.