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Free Guide: 9 Teaching Strategies for ADHD Learning Hurdles

Executive function (EF) deficits associated with ADHD affect reading, writing, and math performance. Learn how, and get practical solutions for each subject.

9 Clever Teaching Strategies to Address Common Learning Hurdles

Executive function (EF) deficits are commonly mistaken for — and exacerbated by — ADHD symptoms. The reverse is also true, making EF and ADHD inextricably linked yet also distinct.

To address a student’s challenges with reading comprehension and other academic skills, teachers and parents must first understand their origins and then follow these 3 steps to help a student build skills and confidence in middle and high school:
1. Create learning environments that lessen the impact of deficits.
2. Modify assignments to minimize the impact of weaknesses.
3. Teach skills that relate to the specific assignment and minimize the impact of deficits.

This free download outlines three common challenges faced by adolescents with ADHD, and example solutions to build each academic skill.

Download ADDitude’s full Success @ School Executive Function Action Plan here.

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