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Free Guide: What to Ask Before Starting ADHD Medication

Whether starting ADHD medication for the first time or switching to a new treatment plan, pose these questions to your doctor before doing anything else.

Starting any new medication is a big decision, and ADHD medication is no exception. Whether you or your child are trying out ADHD meds for the first time or simply switching to a new formulation, you’re bound to have a lot of questions. Will there be side effects? Will I lose my creativity, or undergo another personality change? Will the medication stunt my child’s growth?

Before taking the medication leap, it’s imperative that you do your research and find out everything you can about your options. Laurie Dupar, PMHNP, RN, PCC has compiled this helpful guide for 13 of the most critical questions to ask your doctor before you start any ADHD medication regime. Questions include:

  • Is it a stimulant or a non-stimulant?
  • Is it short- or long-acting?
  • What side effects are normal — and which ones are cause for alarm?
  • How will I know if it’s even working?
  • …and nine more!

Knowledge is power, so make sure your doctor can provide satisfactory answers to all these questions before you embark on this step of your ADHD treatment plan. If he can’t, explore other options — or find a new doctor!

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.