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Free Parenting Guide for Caregivers with ADHD: Strategies for Kids, Tweens & Teens

Parenting with ADHD? Use this free guide to learn how to manage your symptoms and meet your child’s needs as they pass through all developmental stages.

ADHD symptoms and features — from impulsivity and inattention to emotional dysregulation and more — impact all facets of raising a child, not to mention the relationships caregivers forge with their children.

This free resource describes key ways ADHD impacts parenting, and how parents with ADHD can manage their symptoms while raising happy, healthy children, tweens, and teens.

In a series of charts, this guide illustrates important aspects and milestones of childhood, and outlines strategies to help caregivers with ADHD meet their child’s needs each step of the way.

Note: This resource is for personal use only.