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Your Free Guide to Better Behavior Through Therapy

Many families living with ADHD use behavior therapy and family training programs to break the cycles of bad behavior and defiance. In this free download, learn about the most effective ones.

For many families, the treatment of choice for defiant behavior is parent-management training, which teaches parents to change their reactions to a child’s behavior — good and bad.

If your child’s ADHD symptoms are under control, and you’ve ruled out a related condition like oppositional defiant behavior — but you’re still battling bold disobedience — it may be time to consider a therapy program.

Here, the ADDitude editors explain the most effective therapies including:
1. Family and Parent Training Programs
2. Collaborative Problem Solving
3. Parent-Child Interaction Therapy
4. Vive
And more!

A trained professional can help alleviate tension, and help you stay the course.

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.