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Free Guide: Organize Everything Today!

Follow the 73 tips in this free downloadable resource — small changes that promise big improvements — to achieve less clutter, fewer hassles, and greater tranquility.

“I’ve always struggled with organization,” says Michael Laskoff, an adult with attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD). “Back in my student days, school provided me with structure and clear deadlines to keep me on the straight and narrow. When I started working at a job, however, many of those signposts disappeared.”

Can you relate? By the time many adults with ADHD reach adulthood, their houses, finances, and schedules are out of control. Looking at other people in your life and seeing the apparent ease with which they keep everything in order can be painful. You want to take control of life — but you have no idea how.

ADDitude asked Laskoff — now the CEO of an ADHD coaching company — along with seven other ADHD experts what their simplest, most effective organizational tips are. We compiled 73 of our favorites in this free downloadable guide, including:

  • “Capture” areas for the things you use most
  • Fighting the natural ADHD tendency to “overcommit”
  • Learning to be a “people person”
  • And 70 more!

What works for Laskoff ? The KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) approach. For him, less is more, and basic is best. Use this guide to figure out what works for you — and start getting your life back on track today!

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.