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The New Year Calendar for Building Healthy Habits

New Year’s resolutions don’t stick when we magically find willpower. They stick when we do the hard work of building healthy habits every single day. Use this calendar to guide you through an ADHD-friendly daily schedule that will improve productivity, relationships, self-care, and time management in 2023.

31 Healthy Habits and Fresh Starts for 2023

Sure, January 1 is a good day for starting fresh. But so is today, and tomorrow, and next Thursday. So instead of focusing all your energy on conjuring a perfectly Happy New Year, how about taking it one day at a time with this Happy New Day calendar for ADHD adults working to forge healthy new habits all the time? Each of the daily activities on this free January calendar is practical, doable, and rewarding. And, together, these healthy new habits and routines add up to something pretty remarkable: change for good.

In this downloadable calendar for January 2023, we’ve selected 31 of our favorite expert and reader-submitted tips for building healthier habits around productivity, relationships, self-care, and time management. Bit by bit, day by day, they can add up to a personal transformation — with some wicked good incentives and body doubles thrown in for good measure.

Remember: “Habits are the building blocks of our lives. How we behave, think, and move through the world all come down to our habits.” — Christine Li, Ph.D.