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Free New Year Calendar: Set Goals. Celebrate Growth.

New Year’s resolutions are easy to choose but hard to maintain, especially for neurodivergent adults who are working to improve their time management and organization. So ditch the resolutions and instead use this January 2024 calendar to get 31 curated goals and fresh solutions for getting organized, managing time, decluttering, and improving relationships.

Writing the Story of You

Sometimes, New Year’s Resolutions feel a lot like masking. Like sheering off our roundness to fit a square box. Like trying to live up to others’ expectations of us — again.

What if we approached 2024 differently? What if we saw this New Year as an opportunity to try new things in a risk-free environment of experimentation and self-exploration? What if we allowed ourselves the freedom of a growth mindset and suspended our self-doubt long enough to assume success? Doesn’t that sound much better than counting calories and steps?

If you think so, download this free calendar to find 31 neurodivergent-friendly ideas — one for each day on January 2024 — for re-establishing joy in your work, home, and relationships, plus your mental and physical health.

Remember: “Most systems for planning and organization are built for neurotypical brains. You must create your own ‘owners manual’ for your ADHD brain.” — William Dodson, M.D.