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Free ADHD Resource: Middle School Success Strategies

More teachers, more homework, and a more confusing social scene: Learn the challenges your child with ADHD will likely face in middle school, and what steps you can take to help her stay on track.

Most kids stumble in one way or another when making the jump from the familiar routines of elementary school to the structure and workload of middle school. Children with ADHD, however, face a particular set of difficulties as they grapple with hyperactivity, impulsivity, and delayed maturity — as well as their own growing desire for independence.

In this free 8-page handout, we cover 10 of the biggest challenges your tween with ADD might face as she enters middle school — like navigating confusing cliques or keeping track of a planner — as well as easy-to-apply solutions to help steer kids towards social and academic success.

Parents, teachers, and children must all work together to help kids with ADHD shine in middle school — and this free resource is an excellent place to get started.