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Free Mid-Year Checkup Guide for Students with ADHD

If your child’s grades or morale are beginning to falter, use this free download — filled with expert tips — to get the school year and accommodations back on track.

Your child started the school year excited, cheerful, and motivated. Now, however, she whines during homework time and tells you she hates school. What’s going on? It could be the mid-year slump.

A lot of children with ADHD or learning disabilities need a boost to stay interested, motivated, and successful at school through June. In some cases, their accommodations are no longer working as they should. In others, their medication dosage needs a tweak. In order to get over the hump, it’s important to figure out exactly what’s causing it — and what steps you can take to fix it. This free downloadable guide helps you do just that. In eight simple tips, we outline how you can:

  • Help your child get organized (and stay that way)
  • Be a better advocate for your child during the annual IEP or 504 review
  • Work together with your child’s teacher (remember, the mid-year slump hits her hard too!)
  • And more!

Remember: you know your child (and his needs) better than anyone. If you think your child is beginning to slump, or you suspect his school accommodations need adjusting, don’t wait for a call from school. Instead, use these eight expert tips to take matters into your own hands — and get the school year back on track.