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Free Meal-Planning Guide for ADHD Families

If the unrelenting cycle of planning and preparing meals falls on your shoulders, try these 12 ADHD-friendly strategies to take the guesswork — and stress — out of deciding what’s for dinner.

When you consider what’s involved with meal planning — decision-making, double checking, prioritizing, navigating the aisles of a visually overwhelming supermarket — it’s obvious why so many people with ADHD avoid the distasteful chore.

If the inherently ADHD-unfriendly task of meal planning falls on your shoulders, try using this ADHD-friendly system. These meal-planning tips will help you sail through the supermarket aisles and put dinner on the table in no time. In this download, you will learn the following:

  • How to sort meals into time-saving sequences
  • How to create a Top 10 Dinner list
  • How to get every family member engaged in meal planning
  • How to share responsibilities for dinner preparations
  • How to give yourself a night off from cooking
  • How to grocery shop efficiently and resist impulse buys
  • And more!

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.