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Free Handout: How to Focus (When Your Brain Says ‘No!’)

Do you find yourself daydreaming during class or zoning out in important meetings at work? It’s time to reel in ADHD-related distractions, and optimize your environment. Learn how taking notes, getting enough sleep, and even fidgeting can help you focus.

This one-page quick reference explains six ways that adults with ADHD can boost their ability to focus.

It’s not that people with ADHD can’t pay attention. It’s just that we have a hard time staying tuned in. That’s especially true when the activity calling for attention isn’t one that we find especially engaging. Ever struggled to pay attention to a boring lecture? Or stay involved in a business meeting that drags on?

These tricks – that Dr. Quinn has accumulated during her 30-plus years working with adults with ADHD – will help you learn to get in the zone to get more done, even when your brain fights back.


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