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Your Free Expert Guide: 50 Tips for How to Discipline a Child with ADHD

Parenting experts’ 50 best strategies for effectively disciplining and putting an end to oppositional behavior in children with ADHD — once and for all.


You’ve told your child to pick up his dirty clothes from the bedroom floor. Not a single sock has been put in the hamper. Did he not hear you — or did he ignore you? Annoyed, you shout and, worse, feel yourself getting angry and nearing a power struggle. Then come the threats — no TV for a week, no friends visiting for a month, and whatever else you can think of in your fury.

The incident costs everyone dearly: Your child feels angry and demoralized, and you feel like anything but a loving parent. And for what? A pile of clothes in need of a washing machine.

All parents want their children to be happy and well adjusted. But parents also want them to be respectful and obedient. Of course, kids — particularly children with ADHD — have their own ideas. Rather than do what’s asked of them, children with ADHD ignore their homework, torment their siblings, and forget to feed the dog. They leave wet towels on the bathroom floor and dump Lego’s in the living room. They talk back, whine, sulk, or otherwise misbehave. Each day brings fresh chaos — and occasions for a parent’s discipline.

Parenting experts have devised all manner of discipline techniques. Here you will find 50 of the best.

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