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Free Parent Resource: ADHD Discipline Strategies

Does your child melt down, act up, or outright refuse to comply? In this free download, parenting experts provide discipline strategies for defiant or otherwise challenging children.

“My seven year old swears, hits, slaps and throws things. He doesn’t do his homework, bathe, get dressed or clean up without a huge battle. He doesn’t care about consequences, but will throw a fit if I take away electronics.” —Amy

“Nothing works on my son. I’ve tried rewards, points, praise, consequences, and ignoring the behavior — and they all fail. I feel like a failed parent.” —Meredith

Every family is different — but we share a lot of struggles. This free download contains solutions to ten frustratingly common behavior scenarios. Any of these sound familiar?

  • Defusing Public Meltdowns
  • Dealing with Kids Who Lie
  • Ending the Cycle of Nagging
  • Coping With Violent Outbursts

Here, ADDitude’s top parenting experts provide ways to cope with these situations, and many more.

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.