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How Is ADHD Diagnosed? Your Free Guide

An accurate and well-rounded ADHD diagnosis is a complex process comprising several steps. Here’s what a good evaluation should look like — and which diagnostic fads should be avoided.

ADHD is increasingly common. But that doesn’t mean medical professionals should ever diagnose it casually or incorrectly. An accurate diagnosis is a complex, multi-step process that includes a clinical interview, a medical history, and the collection of rating scales from parents, teachers, and family members.

In this download, we outline the diagnostic steps to which your doctor should definitely adhere — as well as a few diagnostic “fads” that simply aren’t worth your time or money. If your doctor skips normed rating scales, but insists you need a $2,000 package of neuropsychological tests, he’s not following the correct diagnostic procedure. Share the information in this download with him — or consider finding a new doctor.

An ADHD diagnosis, when delivered accurately, can have profound changes in your or your child’s life. This download tells you what you need to know.

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