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Free Resource: The Funny Side of Living with ADHD

In this free one-page download, adults with ADHD share funny the funniest “ADHDisms” they deal with every day.

Most of the time, ADHD is far from a walk in the park — but it’s not all bad, either! In this free one-page download, adults living with the condition open up about the lighter side, like:

…Losing something important — without even moving
…Having a game-changing idea while taking a shower — then forgetting it completely by the time you’re done
…Panicking about your lost phone — in the middle of a phone call
…22 more moments that will have you thinking, “I could’ve written this!”

If any of the above sound familiar, remember this: you’re not crazy — you just have ADHD! Download this free resource to read up on how ADHD symptoms affect other people — and get a good laugh at the many ups and downs of living with attention deficit!

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.

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  1. Psychometric tests just done’t work for you.
    Depending on the day, you are a total extrovert or a total introvert, and mood changes your IQ score by 20 points.

  2. People at work either love you or hate you.
    As a contractor, they phone you and invite you for a new project, or when planning a task someone comments “who could possibly have that range of skills” and another replies “Uncle Dharma”.
    In contrast, you are the only person you know who has been fired and given the status of persona non grata.
    More commonly, the manager loves your work but fires you.

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