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Free Resource: The Funny Side of Living with ADHD

In this free one-page download, adults with ADHD share funny the funniest “ADHDisms” they deal with every day.

Most of the time, ADHD is far from a walk in the park — but it’s not all bad, either! In this free one-page download, adults living with the condition open up about the lighter side, like:

…Losing something important — without even moving
…Having a game-changing idea while taking a shower — then forgetting it completely by the time you’re done
…Panicking about your lost phone — in the middle of a phone call
…22 more moments that will have you thinking, “I could’ve written this!”

If any of the above sound familiar, remember this: you’re not crazy — you just have ADHD! Download this free resource to read up on how ADHD symptoms affect other people — and get a good laugh at the many ups and downs of living with attention deficit!

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.