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New! Success @ School Class for Parents

Sign up below for ADDitude’s new Success @ School class for ADHD families. The free syllabus includes expert advice on classroom accommodations, homework, focus, following directions, parent-teacher collaboration, reading and writing tools, organization, time management, math challenges, social skills, and more.

Children with ADHD struggle at school, not because they aren’t smart, creative, and resourceful — but rather because their ADHD brains don’t process priority, time, and organization the way teachers want them to. The result is a lot frustration, lost learning opportunities, and poor self-esteem. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Educators, advocates, and parents who understand ADHD have figured out ways to help students with learning differences shine at school. And now the ADDitude team is here to help guide you through the most common and persistent learning and education problems for ADHD families. In this free course, we will deliver email newsletters filled with…

  • Practical strategies for avoiding the summer slide with interactive learning and reliable routine [already sent for 2019; click to view contents]
  • 10 things to do before school starts again [already sent for 2019; click to view contents]
  • How to set up the smartest accommodations in a 504 Plan or IEP [already sent for 2019; click to view contents]
  • Boost your child’s executive functions to improve organization, planning, memory, and more [already sent for 2019; click to view contents]
  • Establish a homework system that avoids meltdowns, late nights, and missed assignments [already sent for 2019; click to view contents]
  • Teach your child to block out distractions and follow directions that first time [already sent for 2019; click to view contents]
  • Overcome common challenges with writing, reading, and math [already sent for 2019; click to view contents]
  • Solve disruptive classroom behavior caused by impulsivity and lack of social awareness
  • Build lasting friendships, hone social skills, and shut down bullies
  • Find the latest and best learning downloads, apps, and tools

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