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Free Friendship Guide for Kids with ADHD

Social skills don’t always come naturally to kids with ADHD. Parents can help kids make keep friends (and keep them) with the strategies in this free download from ADDitude.

Your son storms in. His bedroom door slams shut. He’s had another tough day — picked last in gym class, excluded from dodgeball, or laughed at behind his back. Maybe the older kids on the bus were teasing him again, or maybe no one said a word to him at all. Regardless, it hurts you almost as much as it hurts him — which is a lot.

The social challenges our kids face are heartbreaking — in no small part because we know they’re keeping so much hidden because they’re embarrassed or ashamed or tired of feeling vulnerable.

The fact of the matter is that children with attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD) are routinely alienated. Some struggle to decipher social cues. Others act much younger than their peers. And still others suffer because of their impulsivity — blurting out or interrupting without meaning to.

But parents can help their kids form lasting friendships with peers who will appreciate their greatest attributes and provide support when they need it most, using these strategies.

NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.