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2017 ADDitude Gift Guide for Adults with ADHD

Download this free holiday gift guide, filled with ADHD-tested ideas for the forgetful, creative, disorganized loved ones on your shopping list.

Each year, when the holidays roll around, you search for the perfect gifts for the people you love. Now, if any of the people you love have ADHD, you can use this free downloadable gift guide to get them the gift of productivity, organization, or calm — without breaking the bank.

Yes, you could get your spouse or your friend another spa certificate or pair of football tickets — and they’d probably be delighted. Or you could invest in a gift that solves those daily, nagging problems that adults with ADHD deal with the most (we’re looking at you, lost keys, forgotten appointments, and missed deadlines) and make your loved one’s life a little easier in the process. Gift ideas in the guide include:

  • MuseBrain headband to promote mindful meditation
  • Kinetic Sand to provide sensory relief
  • Noise-canceling headphones to block out the chatter
  • And 17 more!

As an added bonus, the guide includes 15 of our favorite apps to help your loved one keep track of to-do lists, wake up on time, and more. If you’d like to give the gift of symptom help that lasts all year, download this guide and add these ADHD-tested recommendations to your holiday shopping list.