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The Free Guide to Your Child’s Unique “ADHDisms”

In this free download, parents of children with ADHD share the funny symptoms and signs that can be hard to live with…but that they couldn’t live without.

Your child finally finishes all her homework without being nagged — and then leaves it at home the day it’s due.

You son can talk for hours and hours — without you having to chime in once.

You send your daughter off to clean her room — only to find her, hours later, reading a book she found under her bed.

Raising a child with ADHD can be frustrating, sure — but it will also be funny, enlightening, and rewarding to watch your child learn and grow. In this free one-page download, we list 25 of the quirky “ADHDisms” that make our children unique — adding a little humor to a parenting situation that can be, at times, difficult to manage.

Your child is who she is, due in part to her ADHD. Embrace her marvelous strengths alongside her challenges, and you’ll be on your way to being the supportive parent your child needs to thrive. Download this uplifting one-pager to get started.